There are many tourist spots that we want to recommend, but let us introduce the short and relatively easy hiking trails among them, as follows.

Stroll and Hiking

Jufuku-ji 寿福寺 to Genjiyama Park 源氏山公園

  Jufuku-ji is one of the most prestigious temples in Kamakura, but the inside of the 2nd gate is basically not open to the public with some occasional exceptions.  Even so, a walk of the approach from the 1st gate to the 2nd and the quiet way of the circumference is recommended.


  Proceeding to the back of the cemetery, you will see the grave of 北条政子 (Masako Hojo, Shogun Yoritomo's wife) in a cave.  It is said the next grave to it should be of 源実朝 (Sanetomo Minamoto, their son, the 3rd and the last Shogun of the Genji family).


  There is an entry of the Kamakura hiking trails near Jufuku-ji and you can reach Genjiyama Park 10 to 15 minutes from there.

  At the park, you will have some options of the other trails, that is, to Kitakamakura (浄智寺, Jochi ji), to Kamakura through 化粧坂 (Kewai zaka), or the long course to The Great Buddha.


  If you want to go to Kamakura station from around Jufuku-ji, there is a good short cut passing through a small tunnel.

大仏切通し Daibutsu Kiridoshi (The Great Buddha cut road)

  Entering a hiking trail from near the Great Buddha, you will soon find a fork. Take the right one. Then at the 2nd folk, keep going ahead along the steps to the left. (*).  That way is called 大仏切通し (The Great Buddha cut road) and one of the old Kamakura seven cut roads.

* For references; If you take the right at the 2nd fork, you will go to the Genjiyama Park.


  That road is said to be made in the Kamakura period and the important route from the North districts of Kamakura.  It's also said there was a big battle there when the Shogunate was overthrown as well as at the other old cut routes.  You can see some caves as existed those days.


  I like this course because it's a 20 minute short walk and I can leave halfway through the mountain path into the paved street if I want.

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