Craftsman works

  We herein introduce the goods that we deal in at present.  We will add good craftsman works in our lineup from now on, too.


Wood stool: Dark or light color at your option.


Wood ring: Ebony (black) is popular for men and Karin (brown) for women.



Kamakura bori works:

  by 小園敏樹, a Kamakura bori craftsman.

Craftsman works


Flower vase: They are made of Japanese oak tree with the worm-eaten spots that add another charm.

  by "RetRe-リツリ"


Yosegi-zaiku (wooden mosaic woks): Famous as the traditional crafts of 箱根 (Hakone district).

  by "露木木工所 (Tsuyuki Mokkousho), Hakone"


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